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Orion is a powerful financial platform that combines trading, portfolio management, and wallet functionality into a user friendly interface; powered by a unique liquidity aggregator which connects to all exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. Equiped with such robust features and tools, Orion is the ultimate trading platform for seasoned traders and crypto newcomers alike. Own DEX, atomic swaps, secure, crypto indexes, IEO's, arbitrage, margin trading and much more.

For Loopring Relay Operators

Dedicated to the operation and advancement of the Loopring Relay

@binance: (2/4) 🔸 During the upgrade period, Binance will suspend deposits, withdrawals, spot and margin trading, P2P trading, OTC Portal trading, savings & redemption, as well as asset transfers from sub-accounts, margin accounts, futures accounts and fiat wallets.

@binance: (2/4) 🔸 During the upgrade period, Binance will suspend deposits, withdrawals, spot and margin trading, P2P trading, OTC Portal trading, savings & redemption, as well as asset transfers from sub-accounts, margin accounts, futures accounts and fiat wallets. submitted by rulesforrebels to BinanceTrading [link] [comments]

Rakuten Wallet Launched Margin Trading App for The leading Cryptocurrencies

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Rakuten Wallet Launching Crypto Margin Trading in Spring 2020

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@cz_binance: RT @LLcryptoJ: Update: Download the latest @binance iOS App v2.7.0 - Auto borrow & repay Option for Margin trading - Margin Wallet positions display - Bug fixes & improvements #BinanceApp

@cz_binance: RT @LLcryptoJ: Update: Download the latest @binance iOS App v2.7.0 - Auto borrow & repay Option for Margin trading - Margin Wallet positions display - Bug fixes & improvements #BinanceApp submitted by rulesforrebels to BinanceTrading [link] [comments]

QTUM Gets Support For Margin Trading On Binance; Launches Android Wallet

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What are some good trade/portfolio tracker options (that can also calculate for margin wallet)?

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dYdX - Derivative & Margin Trading From Your Hardware Wallet Using Maker

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dYdX - Derivative & Margin Trading From Your Hardware Wallet

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dYdX - Derivative & Margin Trading From Your Hardware Wallet Using 0x

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dYdX - Derivative & Margin Trading From Your Hardware Wallet

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Market Surveillance August 9: BTC Swings in and out of its wallets The OKEx margin trading goes wrong All markets eventually correct themselves

Exchange The exchange service is designed to create a regulated, global ecosystem for digital assets,” according to a person familiar with the matter said. What is coming up in the thrill, believing that it can be worth it for you. Given that, I am thinking I have been arbitraging USDT/USD prices for years and this is the largest drawdown in Bitcoin history.
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PSA: Margin trading is in demo stages for android wallet

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Trading with USD margin wallet question

I’d like to know if I could send USDT into my BitFinex account in order to trade with the USD margin wallet?
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Bitfinex says its 100x margin derivatives product is ‘ready for prime time’. Qualified Bitfinex account holders will be able to trade a new hedging product through a derivatives wallet,” the whitepaper stated, adding that the product will have “USDt-based collateral

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Lykke adds margin trading to the Lykke Wallet

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Can't move BTC from Margin to Exchange wallet in order to sell/trade etc

My Bitfinex account won't let me move my BTC from margin wallet to Exchange wallet in order to sell/trade for another coin.
And I'm having the same withdrawal issues as everyone else.
Seems to me that minimum withdrawals have been set, over that amount you can withdraw but people have and are waiting days and most are still not getting their coins.
Now to stem the flow of withdrawals Bitfinex are locking their wallet functions to stop trading or selling internally too.
Something really seems fishy here. It doesn't add up.
Ok, reducing the flow of withdrawals is one thing but actually preventing buying and selling within your own exchange by stopping movement of coins from your exchange wallet in order to be able to sell/buy is something else!
Stuck in BTC that's going down in price is no fun Bitfinex. Please explain
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Does margin trading only use balances in margin wallet as a collateral?

Say I have
$1000 in exchange wallet and $100 in margin wallet.
Then does $1000 in my exchange wallet affect my margin trading in any way? $1000 is not used as a collateral and doesnt affect any margin trading position size/required equity calculation?
So in the worst case, if I get force liquidated, I can only lose $100 in margin wallet?
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#715458 Margin Trade liquidate error, Poloneix stole $15,000 from my wallet.

I had 500 Factom in my margin wallet, was about to start building a margin long, started with one 0.04 BTC bid on STR, this never went through and then suddenly everything is red and Poloneix want's to liquidate me, double check for any opens order, of which I find none, there's no order history,.. nothing!. Then I wanted to see if I can push it through (perhaps it's a visual error or something) so bought another 0.02 btc or STR on margin and closed it, then everything went as settlement fees. (350FCT vanishes and I can see that it was taken as settlement fees in my trade history) So 0btc (no trades) liquidated $15,000 of my assets. I'm a little worried about this as that is a massive portion of my holdings stolen from me, Please fix this Asap. I was told to tag @u/mike-poloniex Thank you.
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Can I margin trade/short bitcoin on Bitfinex with only a btc balance in my trading wallet?

I only have btc and want to short with leverage, and the margin trade page doesn't do anything when I click margin sell with a high limit as a test - no active order shows up and I don't get any error.
In my mind system should sell my btc and borrow any additional btc needed for leverage through btc swaps at the best available rate, that is what I'd expect. If I have 1 btc in my trading wallet I should be able to margin sell 2 btc because of 2:1 leverage. If the price of btc drops by about around half minus fees, I get liquidated.
When using fiat to margin sell with leverage, it looks like Bitfinex automatically picks up USD swaps at the best rate automatically. It is unclear when/if those swaps expire. Do I have to buy btc swaps manually when leveraging with a btc trading balance instead of fiat?
If buying btc swaps manually, what if I choose a swap with a 2 day range but end up needing to hold the short for 3 days? What if the swap range is 30 days but I don't need it after I am done shorting in 3 days, will I have to pay interest on the remaining days? This part is confusing and I haven't been able find the necessary information by googling.
There was an error message, "Not enough balance". I just missed it. I entered a lower btc amount and it worked. Need sleep after yesterday's late night rally.
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So, I said I would write a post on this, here it is. The title was partly to get you interested and partly a little cheeky throwback to the bad old days when u/plucky26 went off meds…
Anyhow, this is a longish post about FA and TA so scroll to the TLDR if reading isn’t your thing, or ignore it. Or if you know more about it than me put a comment in…
FA: FA attempts to measure the intrinsic/inherent value of a stonk. You can do this a lot of ways but what your working out is whether the SP represents undeover value or fair value. A lot goes into FA, but if you want a basic cheat sheet then here it is: - What does the company do?
These are the 6 basic questions you need to answer when trying to arrive at a conclusion. So, how do we get answers?
Reading mutha fuckers, reading……
You need to read and understand the product. That’s the answer to question 1. What do these fucks actually do, does anyone care, doe they make tendies?
The answer to question 2 is probably the most undervalued thing in FA IMHO. People, more than products, leave a legacy they transport form place to place. DO NOT DISREGARD THIS STEP…
If old mate is about to get bent over by the Feds for embezzlement, or his wife’s BF has filed a claim against him for watching them through the window, or if he has bankrupted the last 6 places he went then this will impact the SP once its out.
Working out where they are heading runs parallel to the SP more than you might think. The market, in a broader context, is future based. There isn’t a shortcut around this step, its reading, reading reading bitches….
Although Stonk history tells you a story, its more useful for seeing what they have come up against in the past and how the SP reacted to it. What made it Dip, what made it rocket? What is the ROI? And more, all this historical shit gives you a template but not a guaranteed direction.
Question 5 and 6 are where you start to delve into the nuts and bolts. P/E ratio’s, cash runways, market index rankings per sector and all the snooze button shit that hides the details. Im not going to describe what all this is, DR Google is smarter than me and I’m a few stubbies in already so I might lose track of what the fuck I am saying.
Here is a great link
At the heart of FA is whether you believe the narrative the numbers and words tell you.
IMHO if your only interested in FA, then avoid micro caps.
0.03c - 0.05c SP and a $300 -$500 SP is the same % difference but a world apart in the ability of a Stonk to fluctuate under their market cap and FA just doesn’t give you the type of info you need to accurately make a profit within those margins on micros.
(Happy to be proven wrong on this if you think otherwise.)
That’s fucking great pal you might say, but fast forward to the part where it gets me on the rocket ship before it blasts off….
Ok, well here is a clue. If you have read this far and your already impatient or scrolling down to the TLDR, FA might not be your particular brand of vodka.
So lets get into the occult, the witchcraft that is TA….
TA: Being technically anal is actually easier than you might think.
TA is about trends, historical data and volumes. Sure its about more shit than that but it also kind of isn’t.
Its basically saying this stonk already has a template and I can predict where it will go next if I understand that template.
When stonk go up, what does the chart look like?
When stonk go down, what does chart look like?
Yes, it involves funny squiggly lines and colors.
You’ll also come across all sort of stuff like golden (showers) crosses, cups and handles, head and shoulders, descending triangles and other weird phrases but all they are really doing is describing a pattern.
And patterns are predictable once you can see them.
I am tempted to get super into these patterns, but this post is already long so here is a link:,data%2C%20including%20price%20and%20volume.&text=The%20two%20most%20common%20forms,needed%20to%20make%20a%20profit.
If you a commsex user, then send a tendie to chief Tom because as an avid reader of ASX_Bets he has clearly been up to the R&D spooks over there and told them to improve the graphs on the app.
You can’t do the super technical stuff, but go backwards over any of last weeks rockets (CRO, HYD and some of the smaller cap ones) and go to the 1 day, 5 day and 1 month graphs respectively.
Click on the chart style indicator (the funny line that looks like the ‘Stonks only go up symbol’) and change it to candlesticks. This gives you indicative buy/sell data in pretty colors so its easier to work out.
Then look at the uppelower indicators, you can change it to show you volume, price tracking lines, Bollinger etc..
Have I lost you yet? That’s ok…
Zoom out the 3 month charts with the same settings and OMG, a pattern emerges….
Zoom out again to 6 months, another pattern…
Zoom back in, heres that funny old pattern again…
But wait you say, this stonk keeps hitting a certain point on the graph, then those red columns get huge and it stays there or bounces down again.
Hello resistance line, hello seller volume, hello traders with pre determined exit points. These guys are not super interested in the FA or the intrinsic value of a long term hold, they are interested in making the 5/10/15% what-the-fuck-ever percent and bouncing out.
Hold the fuck on, when it hits a different level those green dildo’s start popping out in the bottom graph and it stays there for a bit then heads up again…. Aloha support level…
Just go look at Zippy with the above parameters on commsex app, youll see exactly what short sellers, swing traders and the like see….
Fair warning: going backwards on the app helps you to recognize patterns but to do the proper witchcraft TA you need the proper tools and programs
Yes matey you’ll be saying again, very interesting but how the fuck does this get me on the rocket ship before blast off?
Well IMHO, there are 3 ways to board the rocket.
1: You have a mate who tells you or they post it somewhere.
2: You jump on after blast off and play the gambling game, freaking out when it dips and missing all your sweet tendies or pretending diamond hands are the only way and watching it dump then losing all your tendies, or bag holding forever. Or you get lucky and pop out at a high, but TBH your really only gambling (someone please comment ‘Sir, this is a casino, I love that shit 😊)
3: You do both of these methods.
-TA sets your entry point so you board before take off and exit before crash landing.
Both methods have their role.
Yes you can use OBV and Fibbo numners to scan for potential like I do sometimes, but that’s a whole other spectrum of TA and its already past bedtime.
FA IMHO is better generally for Mid/Large cap because they are generally less volatile and FA has seasons where its super useful (Earnings months etc…) TA is better for bouncy bounce plays on micros and mid/large.
But don’t go neglecting either at any time, TA tells you things the FA misses and vice versa.
You can always subscribe to a service that does this for you. Intellegent investor is good-ish, so is wallet investor. Motley fuckwit has some ok picks sometimes but gets the fuckin dick from me because they just don’t stop with the fucking propaganda….
Disclosure: Generally the posts on here do ok, but you gotta know when to get off… Unless your planning to holder forever like uncle Wazza, but that just doesn’t seem to be the vibe here…
For what its worth , (before you all tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about) I have posted about 3 stonks on here in the last few months. (admittedly I shit-post a lot too…)
AFG, which went up 18% 2 days after the post, then dumped and has dribbled ever since but if you’re a long holder you’ll do OK and… EDIT: up another 3.19% after this post...
ICU, which is a micro and went up 15.5% the day after the post. Both were the result of FA/TA combination and both delivered tendies of the succulent variety. EDIT: ICU went up a further 52% 2 days since posting then retraced a touch...
OPY which went from an open of 3.14 up to a high of 4.80 the next day, a 52.8% raise then leveled out around the 3.70’s EDIT: up another 13.7% since this post...
Sorry about the long post, I got finished washing the wifes BF’s car early and he let me have the WIFI password…
TLDR: Gamble if you want or learn some shit and make tendies…
Edit: some really good comments below. I have made far more $$ by choosing good Stonks and holding them over the years than I have ever made day trading.
FA is my primary method for choosing and accounts for probably 75% of my decision making and TA fills the gaps to help maximize profit making.
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Axis DeFi ($AXIS); 3.0 Interoperability DeFi Ecosystem Opportunity

Hi Everyone,
This is my first post on this subreddit, so go easy on me!
*Above all else, this overview does not constitute financial advice of any kind -- always perform your own, independent due diligence before choosing to invest. At the end of the day, it is YOUR hard earned capital and YOUR ultimate decision -- make sure you are treating these decisions with the highest levels of care, and always apply responsibility and proper risk management protocols.\*
Project: Axis Protocol
Ticker: $AXIS
Circulating Supply: 1,800,000
Total Supply: 24,000,000
Market Cap: ~6,000,000
From the whitepaper: "The mission of AXIS is to bring the rest of the cryptocurrency world to DeFi by building the first interoperable superchain with native, margin enabled, customizable synthetic DeFi assets with built-in risk mitigation. Simply put, a dedicated DeFi protocol with complete Wall Street functionality. With a two-level staking schema to provide flexibility for various risk preferences, up to 16x for highest trade profit level and a customizable risk profile, AXIS is the future of open finance."
As far as founding members are concerned, the team has a strong pedigree:
$AXIS dubs itself as a DeFi 3.0 interoperable solution, bringing sophisticated trading to DeFi with Wall Street standards, without sacrificing the DeFi ethos. This is a holistic DeFi solution, hosting trading, lending, and synthetics, all in a single platform. What's more notable is that $AXIS will allow for lending and borrowing ACROSS different blockchains. It will also have security features like circuit breakers to prevent the entire ecosystem from collapsing, similar to what happened to the Maker platform back in March 2020.
The circuit breaker controls are a first to the DeFi space. In specific, circuit breakers will halt the market (similar to NYSE) to enable more secure trading. The platform also incorporates margin if traders wish to utilize leverage. If your position falls below the 750% maintenance margin level, a margin call will be triggered.
In addition to the founding members, Anthony Diorio (aka the cofounder of Ethereum) joins the team as an early investor:
Finally, $AXIS is currently listed on 3 centralized exchanges outside of Uniswap: Bithumb,, and as of earlier today, the #13 exchange per CMC, BCEX.
Tokenomics / token release schedule:
*10% for private sale, community building and marketing (no lockup).
*Team 24 months linear vesting schedule.
*Foundation is 30 month linear vesting.
*60% yield farming and collateralization; only unlockable after main net launch. (30% of pool is available for first year staking after launch. 15% of the pool for second year. 7.5% for the third year and so on.)
Please feel free to share your thoughts and provide as much feedback as possible. While it is easy to FOMO into a project, being objective can highlight major risks / red flags and mitigate financial loss!
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LykkeWallet margin based trading Geeky.Lykke 4 - New Release and Margin Trading The basics of margin trading Binance Margin Trading Full guide for beginner to pro in HINDI - CRYPTOVEL Complete guide to margin trading on Binance - YouTube

It’s mainly fiat-to-crypto trading, as well as crypto-to-crypto trading. It’s simple, you get a crypto wallet, you buy a token with fiat currencies, and then once the price has increased, you sell the asset and make a profit. Margin Trading vs Spot Trading? Well, imagine you don’t have enough for the trade you’re looking towards leveraging. For certain margin trading pairs, a greater amount of collateral is required to open/increase the position. So if you have 1000 USD in your margin wallet, that 1000 USD will serve as collateral for opening margin positions to a maximum of 5:1. ie a margin position with a USD value up to 5000 USD. What is Bitcoin Margin Trading? Bitcoin margin trading, in simple words, allows opening a trading position with leverage, by borrowing funds from the exchange. For example, if we opened a Bitcoin margin position with a 2X leverage and Bitcoin had increased by 10%, then our position would have yielded 20% because of the 2X leverage. Once the funds are in your margin wallet, you will be able to use them as collateral to borrow cryptocurrency for trading. On Binance, you the biggest ratio you can borrow at is 3:1 (for example, you can borrow 0.2 BTC if you commit 0.1 BTC as collateral). Margin trading can be risky (and pricey) business for investors without the know-how and financial means to handle the loan. Not every investment is a winner, however. In a losing scenario, the

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LykkeWallet margin based trading

The basics of margin trading Cryptocurrency Trading ... 4 when we could just buy Bitcoin and have it increase in value in a wallet? Brian explains the basics of margin trading to answer this ... Your A to Z on margin trading with Binance. Learn everything from opening your account, how to long and short and how to repay margin loans. Subscribe to kee... After activating your margin account, you will be able to transfer funds from your regular Binance Wallet to your Margin Trading Wallet. To do so, click on the “Wallet” tab, select “Margin ... If you don't know what's the margin trading wallet. You could get knowledge of what it is in Bangla. If you don't have a Binance account you can open an account from here: https://accounts.binance ... In this video I am going to show you how margin trading on Binance works. Margin trading gives you the option to trade with leverage on Binance. ... 🔒Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano X: ...