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Beginner's Guide to Exchanges - Part 2

Beginner’s Guide to Exchanges – Part 2

A little late, but as promised here is Part 2 of the Beginner’s Guide to Exchanges. I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support and feedback in making these.
Link to Part 1
This time I also made a Google Docs survey in the hopes of sharing the results with the community. I thought we could share what we use as a whole and why redditors choose the exchanges they do. For skeptics (as you all should be), I assure you that I am not collecting personal information. This is for recreation and if you are still wary, then by all means abstain!
Link to Survey
In Part 3 I will be wrapping up this series by covering decentralized, semi-decentralized, and derivative exchanges. Here it goes!

00 – Concepts and Definitions (Continued)

04 – Fiat Exchanges – Canada


Country Linked Bank Transfer Wire Transfer Paypal Credit/Debit Crypto Transfer
CAD Deposit 1%/ Withdraw Free Free Free (Withdraw Only) 1% (Withdraw Only) Free
USD - Free Free (Withdraw Only) - Free
Exchange Type Maker Taker
Fiat .5% .5%
BTC/ETH .2% .2%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator or Email 2FA Available
Wallet Security Undisclosed amount of funds in cold storage
Web Security 3rd Party Security provided by CloudFlare
Bug Bounty Expired $50 bounties
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info Credit Score Limits
Basic Account X X Digital only, Limits Vary
Verified Account X X X X X X Limits Vary

05 – Fiat Exchanges – Europe


Country Credit/Debit Bank Transfer Crypto Transfer
Europe 3.5%+ €0.24 Deposit €0 / Withdraw €25 (SEPA €10) Free
Russia 5% + ₽ 15.57 - -
UK 3.5%+ £0.20 Deposit £0 / Withdraw £20 (SEPA Free
US 3.5%+ $0.25 Deposit $0 / Withdraw $50 Deposit $0 / Withdraw 1%
Exchange Type Maker Taker
All Currencies 0% .20%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator Available
Wallet Security Undisclosed amount of funds in cold storage
Credit Card Data Overseen by 3rd Party Kyte Consultants
Web Security SSL Certificates and Encrypted Personal Data
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address ID + Photo Bank Info KYC Limits
Basic Account X X X Digital only
Verified Account X X X X X X $10,000 Daily/$100,000 Monthly


Country Credit/Debit Bank Transfer Paypal
Europe - SEPA - Deposit .5% / Withdraw 1% (€100 min) -
Russia 6% 6% -
US 7% Deposit .5% ($20 min) / Withdraw 1% ($100 min) 7%
Exchange Type Maker Taker
All Currencies .20% .20%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator Available
Password Expiration Must be changed every 6 months
DDoS Protection 3rd Party Security Services provided by CloudFlare
Bug Bounty Yes at xBTCe
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info KYC Limits
Verified User X X X X X No Stated Limits

Exchange Type Maker Taker
All Digital Currencies 0.1% .25%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator Available
Bug Bounty Reported bounty posted on HackerOne (unconfirmed)

06 – Fiat Exchanges – South Korea

안녕하세요 여러분! 혹시 우리 한국인 친구 이 보고서를 한국어로 읽고 싶어한다면 알려주세요. 관심이 많이 있다면 간단한 한국어 보고서도 만들 수 있습니다. This year, ETH has taken off like a rocket in the Land of the Morning Calm. With a population of just 50 million, South Koreans account for almost 30% of daily ETH trade volume. Even more surprising is that currently the daily volume of ETH is about 5 times higher than that of Bitcoin on Korean exchanges. Since demand is high, ETH is trading at a premium on Korean exchanges. Some users have been talking about capitalizing off this imbalance by trading on arbitrage between exchanges. For those who have no connection to Korea and hope to do so, I have bad news – all Korean exchanges require a National ID number and access to a Korean bank account. This makes Korean exchanges virtually closed to Korean nationals and those with long-term visas. Sorry everyone.




07 – Fiat Exchanges – China

With a great deal of anticipation, major Chinese exchanges started trading ETH this summer. Since these exchanges deal huge volumes of Bitcoin already, naturally it was expected that they invest heavily into ETH as well. So far this hasn’t quite lived up to the hype with many exchanges still favoring Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoins, and even Ethereum Classic (Gulp). Three of these exchanges underwent inspections by the Peoples Bank of China earlier this year and will be working closely with the government to ease fears of money laundering and market manipulation. There are a lot of Chinese sites, and since my Chinese is non-existent this list is basically just for name recognition. In many ways these sites are very similar in regards to security, verification, and fees compared to their western counterparts; just marketed at a different audience and currency. If users are seriously interested in these exchanges and making reviews, please contribute or ask!

OK Coin




08 – Coinswaps & Cryto-converters



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Open Source Exchanges - BlinkTrade vs WLOX vs Peatio vs MarginCall

I would like to discuss with you guys which one of these open source exchanges is the best to go with, which one has it's cons and pros and if you can give us your experience with one of these open source exchanges as a costumer or owneoperator of any exchange.
Here are some basic info for each of these open source exchanges.
Demo: /
Live exchanges: FoxBit UrduBit Surbitcoin ChileBit
Live Exchanges: 1BTCXE
Website: currently under construction
Demo: /
Live Exchanges: Yunbi OneWorldCoin BitSpark
Demo: /
Live Exchanges: /
I would like to know your opinion about these projects which one are the best with active devs on contributing to keep security of these open source exchanges.
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What is Margin Trading? Margin Trading kya Hota hai ... What is Margin Trading?  Fidelity - YouTube Yunbi will close trading services on September 20th How to make 150,000 USD with Margin Trading on! Tutorial: How to Margin Trade on Binance 👨‍🏫 - YouTube

Yunbi is owned and operated by YUNBI Technology Co., Ltd., which is based in Beijing, China.This may sound strange to some of you, but we consider the fact that Yunbi shares some corporate information on its website as an advantage, as many similar venues don’t. 2FA supported The ecosystem runs the gamut, including both spot and margin trading, contract trading, B2C loans, centralized mining pool BigProxy, decentralized exchange BigDEX, digital assets crowdfunding platform AngelONE (IEO), wealth management products, providing users an one-stop solution for their digital assets. At BigONE, security is not a choice. Margin is available for now with support up to 3 times leverage; for example, if you have 1 BTC in your account, you can borrow 2 more BTC, after which you will have 3 BTC. BigONE, the descendant of, is a major crypto exchange with a strong presence across Asia and beyond. Yunbi Crypto Exchange - Bitcoin Trading Platform Erfahrungen - Découvrez l’univers de Stellest - Art énergie renouvelable - Art solaire - Trans nature art - Artiste Stellest énergie renouvelable - Art cosmique - Nature Art stellest - Tête Solaire Stellest - Stellest Cryptocurrency cloud trading application Coinigy announced within the last week the removal of two cryptocurrency exchanges from the platform. First, Hong-Kong based BitVC is being removed, the exchange allowed margin trading in bitcoin and litecoin and was available on Coinigy for charting and balance tracking…

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What is Margin Trading? Margin Trading kya Hota hai ...

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