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CASSUTO, UMBERTO (Moses David; –), Italian historian and biblical and Semitic scholar. Born in Florence, son of Gustavo and Ernesta Galletti. Hebrew name – משה דוד קאסוטו; Italian name – Umberto Cassuto Cassuto was raised in a religious Jewish home, receiving a traditional Jewish education. A half century ago, the Jewish scholar Umberto Cassuto raised damaging questions about the theory. His conclusions were summarized in a little book called.

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Crescas, Hasdai ben Judah. To sever the universal God of nature that was according to the Pentateuch also known in other cultures, behind their varying cults, from the personal God of history revealed at Sinai to Israel, as the Documentary Hypothesis implicitly did, was to distort one of the fundamental hmberto of the Pentateuch and Israelite religion itself. For details press here.

If we find a text that uses “Yahweh,” we have a text that comes from the “J” source. Coen, Joel and Ethan. It was also his intention to compose a compendious Introduction to the Torah as a whole, and a comprehensive commentary on the Book of Psalms.

The “Question” of Genesis – By Umberto Cassuto, Translator Menachem E. Hartom

A successful physician, he headed the Jewish community of Florence during the Holocaust. Genesis 2, however, uses the unique combination “Yahweh Elohim,” showing to the Israelite reader that the God who entered into a covenant with Israel is also the God who created all things. In short, the credence given the Documentary Hypothesis served extraneous cultural tendencies and biases.

The creation accounts of Genesis 1 and 2 seem, at first glance, to contradict one another casuto important details. Published on January 1st As umgerto the trees of the Garden in 2: There is, after all, considerable variation in the use of the names of God. The reason why God formed the other animals was so that they could pass before Adam.


Cassuto saw the need to produce the most accurate possible text of the Tanakh. And Dinah Went Out. The Magnes Press, Hebrew University, In subsequent years Cassuto continued to publish historical monographs in Italian and foreign periodicals; his series of articles on Italian communities and personalities, in the German Encyclopaedia Judaica in particular, is still considered a primary source.

Umberto Cassuto

In addition, Cassuto published basic articles on the Judeo-Italian umberro, the Hebrew inscriptions of southern Italy, and various allied subjects. Caro, Joseph ben Ephraim. Cordoba, Alonso Fernandez de.

While acknowledging the obvious fact that the Pentateuch uses different names for God, Cassuto showed that each name had a specific meaning. Archived from the original on August 9, Modern ideas about the dating of the Torah, however, have not endorsed Cassuto’s specific cssuto historical dating, and the trend today is for the final act of composition to be seen as lying in the period BC, or even later.

First, he said that the dificulties of the text do not require the umbertk that there was more than one source. Cassuto then attempted to demonstrate that the Pentateuch itself follows this wider intentional pattern, applying each term within its proper context, quite consistently, to make specific points, but considering both part of the same reality of God; therefore it could use both together when appropriate to underline this unity e.

The different names of God, then, are not evidence of separate sources. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. The book of Genesis seems, moreover, constantly to repeat itself. Some of these papers, e.

When the anti-Semitic laws forced him from this position, he moved to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. If we assume the two chapters to be a single narrative, there is no contradiction.

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Cassuto, like all the other Jewish professors, was dismissed from the University of Rome with the Racial Laws in His expositions focused on the existing text, analyzing its spiritual and ethical teachings, pointing out its literary devices, and discussing its exegetical problems, on which he brought to bear comparative literary and linguistic material whenever possible.

Umberto Cassuto | Best Commentaries Reviews

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nathan was arrested by the Germans inand soon after he was joined by his wife, who was also arrested. This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat Umberho send an inquiry on packages and prices click here.

Thus Cassuto sought out the oldest and most reliable umbreto of the Tanakh, dating back casusto centuries before the invention of printing. Shipping and handling fees. In regard to the historical question, Cassuto suggested in passing that it was likely the author of the account in Genesis and Exodus drew upon a much wider Israelite culture, and wove insights from acceptable earlier writings and oral folk traditions lost to us into his own brilliant synthesis. Perry Foundation for Biblical Research.

Caligula, Caius Caesar Augustus.

A Commentary on the Book of Exodus

Cassuto’s last years were clouded by the tragic loss of two members of his family. Caceres CasseresAbraham. But he made three crucial counter-arguments. The 5 Books of Moses.

Brodie—23; The Hebrew University ed.