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29 Jun One of the most profound moments in my life, the clarity of Wisdom Truly touched my Soul. The Holy Science presented Is A Guide for the Sons. SRI SRI SWAMI SRI YUKTESWAR GIRI Seventh Edit urn I Third Printing .. The ensuing effect is the idea of particles 4 THE HOLY SCIENCE — the . The Holy Science. Excerpts from The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar. Forward by Paramahansa Yogananda. Prophets of all lands and ages have succeeded in.

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This task is indeed a herculean one, but at Allahabad I was entrusted with the mission by a holy command. This is to say, we should be in the company of the Yukteswarr or Savior and should avoid that of the Asat, as described before. This Purusha, the Son of God is screened by five coverings called the koshas or sheaths.

The intellectual power of man was so much diminished that it could no longer comprehend anything beyond the gross material of creation. Its morning twilight has just as many hundreds, and its period of evening dusk is of the same length i.

How man attains Bliss. When these nerves become fatigued they also want rest and naturally fall asleep.

This book has explained the most important things in spirituality in a very simplest way.

Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar Giri

However, this is contrary to the truth, as has been explained before, and is nothing but the effect of Ignorance, Avidya. This spiritualized Atom, Chitta the Heartbeing the Repulsion manifested, produces five sorts of aura electricities from its five different parts: In the herbivorous animals the incisors are strikingly developed, the canines are stunted though occasionally developed into weapons, as in elephantsthe holu are broad-topped and furnished with enamel on the sides only.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. As the Yuga method calculation recommends itself to reason, we follow it, and recommend that it be followed by the public in general. Development of dharma, the mental virtue, is but gradual and is divided into four different stages in a period of 12, years. Sometimes it even calls me. The object of this book is to point out the harmony underlying the various religions, and to help in binding them together. When man directs all his organs of sense toward their com- mon center, the sensorium or Sushumnadwara, the door of the internal world, he perceives his God- sent luminous body of Radha or John the Baptist, and hears the peculiar “knocking” sound, Prariaua Sabda, the Word of God.


I believe this text can help to eliminate confusion and fear as it relates to the various transitions of life and help close the gap caused by differences in religious beliefs. Thus man, being the Son of God, overcomes all bon- dage of Darkness, Maya, and becomes possessed of all aiswaryas, the ascetic majesties. He also explains the vast recurring cycles of civilization, affording a profound understanding of history and the ever-changing panorama of turbulent world events.

Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar

With his heart thus contented, man becomes able to fix his atten- tion upon anything he chooses and can com- prehend all its aspects. Something more should be said here scisnce the natural instinct of propagation, which is, next to the instinct of self-preservation, the strongest in the animal body. Beholding the self in the Su- preme Self, man gains eternal freedom. With the commencement of the Ascending Kali Yuga, after a. Yogoda Satsanga Society of India. Therefore the mistake in the almanacs began to be noticed by the wise men of the time, who found that the calculations of the ancient rishis had fixed the period of one Kali Yuga at 1 years only.

This relief from evil, or liberation from the bondage of Maya, becomes the prime object of his life. Thus 12, years, the sum total of all periods of these four Yugas, is the length of one of the Daiva Yugas or Electric Couple, two of which, that is, 24, years, make the electric cycle complete. Only a few specially gifted persons can rise superior to the influence of their professed creeds and find absolute unanimity boly the truths propagated by all great faiths.

Pcpsii j g The cause of creation is Anu or the Scifnce. Firmness of moral courage, when attained, removes all the obstacles in the way of salvation.

Holy Science

From this rule it appears that years is the length of Treta Yuga, and years before and after are its sandhis, the periods of mutation, which make a total of years. In this devoted state man, THE PROCEDURE 63 withdrawing his self from Bhuvarloka, the world of electric attributes, comes to Swarloka, the world of magnetic attributes, the electricities and poles; he then becomes able to comprehend Chitta, Heart, the magnetic third portion of creation.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. To ask other readers questions about Holy Scienceplease sign up. Because it is not ap- proachable even by the Sons of God as such, it is called Agama, the Inaccessible. It may also be noticed that various grains and roots possess an agreeable odor and taste, though faint, even when unprepared.


It is owing to Jnanavatar Swami Sri Yuktes- war’s unerring spiritual insight that it now be- comes possible, through this book, to establish a fundamental harmony between the difficult bibli- cal book, Revelation, and the Sankhya philosophy of India.

These purposes or goals are the subject for discussion in the second section of the book. How main object of the heart is attained. If on the other hand we disobey the warning of Mother Nature, without listening to the dictates of our pure conscience, and keep the company of whatever has been des- ignated as Asat, an opposite effect is produced and our health is impaired and our life short- ened.

By way of reconciliation, they fancied that years, the real age of Kali, were not the ordinary years of our earth, but were so many daiva years “years of the gods”consisting of 1 2 daiva months of 30 daiva days each, with each daiva day being equal to one ordinary solar year of our earth.

Why man is bound. The fruit- arian diet referred to by Swami Sri Yukteswarji includes vegetables, nuts, and grains.

Firmness of moral courage can be attained by the culture of Yama, the religious forbearances: Tirtha affords such a meeting place. Interestingly, the book scjence points out an error in the calculation of years in Hindu almanac.

In this way, freed from the control of this creation of Darkness, he comprehends his own Self as Inde- structible and Ever-Existing Real Substance. These sciencd qualities constitute the real nature of man. He can never find any peace whatever, and his life becomes a burden. What is natural food for man?

The Holy Science

They were men fit to hold communion with the spiritual devotees, so far as intelligence is concerned; yet such intellectual men in foreign lands were, alas, wedded in many cases to rank materialism. That fourfold cycle comprising hukteswar, years is called yukteewar Age of the Gods. He becomes a Pravar- taka, an initiate.

Everyone can understand devoting oneself to God. When they cannot find their way out, they subside in tissue crevices by the law of gravitation; and, being fermented, produce diseases, mental and physical, and ultimately lead to premature death. This manifestation of the Word becoming flesh, the external material created this visible world.