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aforementioned parameters to STANAG design constraints for voltage and Keywords: Ship electric power system, STANAG , pulsed loads, voltage. Ships. IEC Electrical installations in ships Part Definitions and general requirements. STANAG Characteristics of Shipboard. 31 Jul STANAG () referring to the electrical power plants in NATO. naval vessels. This is a standard that has come out of USA MIL-STD-.

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Erection of mechanical oscillations, vibrations, mechanical stqnag and noise due to harmonic torque ripples produced. Where simulations are required, the software package PSCAD is used to simulate a number of case studies in the power system of actual vessels with electric propulsion. Thus, power quality problems become almost transparent to the critical or sensitive equipment.

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The future electric power system of naval warships in the context of the AES will supply energy to sophisticated systems for propulsion, electric guns, electric launchers, high power sensors, navigation etc. In this way, several phenomena can be studied like those related to power quality on shipboard.

Moreover, the significant adverse effects of leakage capacitances on the occasion of an actual ship earthing network, are highlighted. The problems are studied via dedicated computer programs like the well-known EMTP which provide the extra option to synthesize associated user-defined models.


In this paper, a technical description of a typical electric power plant is made, while the most significant characteristics and advantages of electric propulsion are highlighted. Permanent 12 Full-time 9 Contract 1 Temporary 1. Stanav method followed is based on extending methods of voltage dip classification in continental grids taking into consideration the particular nature of ship electric power systems. Harmonic distortion is mainly due to power electronic devices used to couple and control different operating voltage and frequency levels e.

The model consists of a voltage source in series with a variable resistance controlled by the value of the current produced. Voltage and Current spikes and transients have several adverse consequences such as equipment failure and improper operation of the entire system, like:.


staang Its memory size can be adapted, as well as the SSD storage capacity. Abstract This paper deals with well based mathematical formulation of active and reactive load sharing among the synchronized generators of a ship electric energy system.

Abstract This paper presents an introduction of a feasible method for teaching power electronic issues to non-electrical engineering disciplines. Moreover, regarding mitigation measures, it is recommended that all single-phase equipment are connected between two phases rather than one phase and the ground.

Abstract Soil ionization occurs around a grounding electrode when current density in the soil exceeds a 1080 value and reduces grounding resistance. The evolution of the disturbance waveshape, peak-value, etc is influenced by many parameters such as: More specifically, the motor system considered is a naturally commutated series excited rotor machine where the excitation current is obtained naturally by 10088 the excitation winding in the dc link.

Voltage dips and swells are characterized by their rms magnitude and duration. A voltage swell is a temporary increase in rms voltage. Also get an sanag with jobs recommended just for me By creating a job alert or receiving recommended jobs, you agree to our Terms. Related issues are presented and discussed.

Finally, interruptions and frequency variations are also discussed.

Stamag, limited research work has been reported even for more conventional ship types on the investigation and classification of PSQ phenomena.

Hence, much attention must be paid to current quality defined by the entity of loads installed onboard or at least the major ones, i.

Considering that the ship system electrification eventually dominates according to the All Electric Ship concept, PSQ issues turn to be a key-factor of the normal operation, survivability and safety aboard.

stanab This paper makes the effort to define, analyse and discuss the issues related to the characteristic parameters of onboard electric loads, in an attempt to highlight some fundamental steps for establishing classification criteria, according to which electric loads are grouped into categories. Abstract This paper initially presents a comparative analysis both qualitative and quantitative of the scope and subject of IEC and IEC highlighting points of convergence and divergence between them, while certain critical issues emerged is also underlined.


This homopolar impedance includes, among others, leakage capacitances of the entire electrical installation. The classical subdivision of iron losses into hysteresis and eddy current phenomena has been adopted.

The resistivity of the ionization zone is dependent on energy stored in the zone. In contrast to the All Electric Ship perspective domination, limited research work has been reported even for more conventional ship types on the investigation and classification of PSQ phenomena. This paper aims to show, for the first time, an analytical description of statements given in previous publications, i. Thus, the different aspects origin, characteristics, effect on loads, characterisation methods of several power quality phenomena are summarised.

In isolated power systems, as the ones in ships, problems occur when the governor response to abrupt load changes is not adequate to regulate within the bandwidth required by frequency sensitive equipment example: For jobs in the United States, please visit www.

Based on the results of the simulations two new methods of voltage dip classification are presented. Get new jobs for this search by email My email: Based on salaries. This paper proposes a current- dependent grounding resistance model considering the soil ionization. On the other hand, certain considerations that may cancel out some of the AES theoretic perspective advantages are also stated. Abstract A problem emerging even at the ship design stage is the usage of proper simulation tools to study the response of the main and auxiliary systems under steady- and transient- state conditions.

Thus, a coherent overview of the different dip types occurred in such networks is made followed by a classification method developed in a previous work.

Abstract This paper deals with a variable speed drive based on a conventional rotor wound induction motor, which has similar characteristics to a DC series machine.