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Sinhala Novels Online ~ Sinhala Keti Katha Online | 90 DASAHAKAYE SINHALA NAWAKATHA by Champa Sriyani De Silva. Category, Sinhala Literature. Language, Sinhala. ISBN Number, X. Fri, 19 Oct GMT iratte sinhala novel by sujeewa pdf – sinhala novels free download, sinhala pdf ebooks free download,sinhala novels.

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Silva reveals his skill at all forms of fictional prose; novel and short-story in particular, novels with romantic love as their themes, detective stories throwing a great deal of light on the serious crimes of gangsters, historical novels describing events which date back to Polonnaruwa and Kotte periods and short-stories which are ranked among the best stories of the period.

KatharathnakarayaLensuwaAmurtha Hasthya and Dala Kumarithe other collection to follow, show his outstanding gifts as a short-story writer.

Handapana was yet another novel which the people read with relish in the middle of the previous century. He delineates such characters in defiance of naeakatha contemporary conventions governing the conduct of young women. The police team, led by Inspector Samarasena and Sergeant Ranathunga detected that it was the head of a woman called Jennet who disappeared from her house on the seventh of July.

In this respect even W. Daiwayogaya, published inunfolds a story which is set in the Polonnaruwa kingdom but the hero in the novel is not any of the well-known kings of the period such as Wijayabahu I, Parakramabahu I or Nissanka Malla but a provincial ruler, Keerthisena.

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Radala Piliruwa was his second detective novel featuring a satirical portrait of a man, Raphael Baas who makes every endeavour to enter the upper class society from the lowest social stratum. Sirisara was the first magazine to be started by him in February, Lakshamiethe first novel of this genre, revolves round number of murders of which the salient feature is that although the crimes are committed in this island the murderers evade arrest hiding away in a country called Awkan.

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Sinhsla generally accepted view is that he made good use of that time to acquire a very good knowledge of oriental languages like Sanskrit and Pali and also English. His immense popularity was due entirely to his excellence in the novel as well as in the short-story.

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Nawaktaha a strange coincidence the premiere of Siriyalatha, a Sinhala film based on his first novel, happened to be held at Gamini Cinema, Maradana, on the same day. The novels which I have dealt with so far can be placed in the category where romantic love forms the dominant theme.

Jayamanne, nawajatha of the Sinhala cinema, inspired by the success of the novel, produced and directed Kelehanda in His first collection of short-stories entitled Deiyanne Rate held an enormous appeal for the readers.

Silva, an outstanding novelist, with a considerable number of novels and short-stories to his credit, made a great contribution to the growth and development of the Sinhala novel when it was in its infancy stage. In august, he began editing a literary magazine, Nuwana which was a very much sought after periodical of the period.

He did so through the introduction of new nawakatja and literary devices that could delight as many readers as possible. In the opinion of most people the output of novels and short-storis was small during the latter part of his carrier in view of the fact that he had to put more effort to counter the critics who unleashed a torrent of abuse against him.

These films grew in popularity because the people were anxious to see the film versions of the novels which held a lot of interest for them.

nawakwtha What is important to remember about his achievements is that each of them was adequately acclaimed during his own lifetime. John Jayapala and Malani, the hero and the heroine, become household words as they managed to capture the hearts of the readers. Kelehanda is generally regarded as his best novel, yet some critics went to the perilous extent of viewing it as his worst novel.


As in his novels, in nawaktha short-stories too, romantic love, disapproval of superstitious beliefs and parents undue pressure to make their young daughters marry the men chosen by them are some of the recurrent themes. Thilaka, yet another magazine published by him became increasingly popular among the contemporary readers.

Silva are worthy of our consideration, for his many and varied interests are reflected in them.


A survey of his writings is not complete without a reference being made to his output of short-stories. Silva by Padmadeva Jayakody W. The periodicals published under the editership of W. Young women of marriageable age in particular, emphasise that they must have the freedom to choose their partners without undue influence from their parents. Silva was not a film director nor was he an actor, yet his name is inseparably linked with the Sinhala cinema. This sort of destructive criticism prevented him from making steady progress in is work.

Silva was greatly instrumental in making fictional prose a popular form of entertainment among the Sinhala readers as he was one of the pioneers in the field of Sinhala fiction.

Silva had drawn from the leading short-story writers of the west.