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Journey from the astrological through the metaphysical with Linda Goodman Star Signs. 10 Apr I read Linda Goodman’s love signs on the recommendation of my college-going cousin and was astonished with the findings. I could relate so. Signs of Zodiac SUN SIGNS Foreword · Aries · Taurus LINDA GOODMAN’S SUN SIGNS CONTENTS. Foreword · HOW TO UNDERSTAND SUN SIGNS.

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In her third book, Star SignsGoodman explores a variety of metaphysical themes that are complimentary to astrology. The famous American astrologer enumerated the arts and science of numerology in this book. She had written the moment you accept these miracles and open yourself up to theories of immortality etc.

This was one of the best awakening to goocman books I’ve ever read.

Add to Spiritual Diary. It seemed that the book had a soul!

Linda Goodman’s Star Signs Book Profile

This book introduced me to many esoteric subjects that I was interested in learning more about astrology, numerology, metaphysics, linva.

Oct 21, Nickie rated it liked it. Linda Goodman really had the ability to entertain and inform. It’s his nature to be stoic, and take things in his stride, and nothing really alters this basic tendency.

The exasperating thing lknda that they’re quite good at rationalizing things and smoothing out the wrinkles in your life. Most Cancerians are a little top heavy, and they waddle slightly when they walk fast. They’re pleasing, but not very noticeable, so it’s easier to start with the dimples.


May 30, Bella added it.

Read if sgins in “true numerology”; how energy works to lose weight, make money, and so forth; lexigrams and the power of words; nicola tesla; ghosts; and so much more.

Apr 29, Patricia rated it it was amazing. The only pain or discomfort the purple energy force field has not relieved, in my personal observation siigns more than ten years, is the pain caused by a twisted muscle, a slipped disc, or misplaced vertebra. I was 17, and this book accompanied me through a spiritually eye-opening time of self examination.

Sagittarius is completely free of malice. Characteristics of Gemini by Linda Goodman If there are times when wigns Gemini person makes you think you’re seeing double, don’t run out and change your glasses. His tears are never crocodile tears. Linda Goodman Love Signs to make your relationship work!

Linda Goodman’s Star Signs by Linda Goodman

The women are almost invariably pretty, and the men are usually handsome. His feet can be wearing sandals, boots, oxfords, or hush puppies, and he’ll seldom bother to check whether they’re appropriate for the occasion.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. She giodman these themes as universal codes or “star signs”, works of ancient wisdom just waiting to be rediscovered. Does this book have information on the incarnations of Isis and Osiris? He blurts out his shockingly direct speech in total innocence. Which holistic healing methods really work?


Linda Goodman’s Star Signs – Linda Goodman – Google Books

Then referring to the purple plates Summary of the Book In her third book, Linda Goodman explores various metaphysical themes complementary to astrology. There’s a crackling, electric vitality about the very presence of a Scorpio that gives him away. Libran features are almost always lind and well-balanced. I read it 15 years ago and still pick it up from time to time just to read a few pages.

New edition, Pages: They will often make wide, sweeping gestures, which may be dramatic and vigorous, but possibly not very graceful.

Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

Read it with an open mind. When this person is handed a purple plate the reading will instantly increase to 90 goodmam Goodman the credit to have possessed. If you believe in that It’s been informative, clarifying and a comfort.