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For them this information was enough that it was a Divine inspiration and Allah’s Prophet had made up his mind to carry it into effect. After it had come down, the Holy Prophet summoned the Muslims together and said: Now they could show no more forbearance. A careful study of the context shows that Allah here is giving this instruction to His Messenger: The disbelieving Quraish looked at it as their victory, and the Muslims were upset as to why they should be humiliated to accepting those mean conditions.

It was stoppedso that Allah may admit into His mercy whom He will. In verse 18, Allah has expressed His good pleasure for all those who took the pledge to the Holy Prophet, and in this also there is no exception. No doubt afterwards he gave some of the spoils of Khaiber to those emigrants also who returned from Habash and to some Companions from the Dus and Ash’ar tribes as well, but this was given either from Khums one fifth of the spoils of war given into the public treasuryor with the approval of the Companions who had taken the pledge of Ridwan; no one else was given any share of it.

Yet the Quraish leaders persisted in their resistance only under the idea that if Muhammad upon whom be Allah’s peace entered Makkah along with a large number of his followers, it would mean loss of prestige for them among the Arabs. But this in fact is a weak argument.

The Quran: Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.: Section 1 ()

Here, this thing also should be understood well that for the weaknesses that might occur and remain in the struggle and endeavor that a group might be making for an object, the leader and guide of the group only is addressed. AI-Jassas, Ahkam al-Qur an. The events in connection with which this Surah was sent down began like this: If any one during that period from farahna the Quraish went over to Muhammad, without his guardian’s permission, he would return him to them, but if a Companion of Muhammad came over to the Quraish, they would not return him to him.


This would not only have grieved the Muslims but the Arab polytheists also would have got an opportunity to say that the Muslims did not even spare their own brethren in faith during wartime.

The reason is obvious. Even a statesman of th caliber of Hadrat Umar says that he had never given way to doubt since the time he had embraced Islam but on this occasion he also could not avoid it.

In it for the first time the existence of the Islamic State in Arabia was duly recognized. When the Holy Prophet reached Usfan, he brought the news that the Quraish had reached Dhi Tuwa with full preparations and they had sent Khalid bin Walid with two hundred cavalry men in advance towards Kura’al-Ghamim to intercept him.

The men of Khuza’ah went and told imna to the Quraish chiefs and counseled them not to interfere with the pilgrims. One day the Holy Fatanna saw in a dream that he had gone to Makkah with his Companions and had performed the umrah there.

Then in the initial sentences also of this verse itself the fatahja mentioned arc of all those people who were with the Holy Prophet Muhammad upon whom be Allah’s peace and blessings.

Inna Fatahna Laka Fathan Mubina Rectangular Set Small

To this the Holy Prophet replied: But those who had true faith in Allah and His Messenger were least bothered about the consequences. Therefore, the Holy Prophet informed his Companions of his fwtahna and began to make preparations for the journey. May Allah keep him away from us!

Here, the theme has been repeated to say that in order to punish the one whom Allah wills to punish He can employ whichever of His countless hosts He likes for the purpose; no one has the power to avert His punishment by his own plans. According to the first meaning, the sentence means: And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how.

Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.

It is like a grain of fatzhna seed, which, when it is sewn in the earth, is less than all the seeds that be in the earth: But the Holy Prophet gave him also the same reply that he had given to the chief of the Innna, that they had not come to fight but to do honor to the House of Allah and carry out a religious duty. The signing of a no-war pact for ten years provided full peace to the Muslims, and spreading to every nook and corner of Arabia they preached Islam with such spirit and speed that within two years after Hudaibiyah the number of the people who embraced Islam far exceeded those who bad embraced it during the past 19 year or so.

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Have you forgotten the day when you were fleeing from Uhud and I was calling you back from behind? But that verse, in fact, does not apply to this, for it was sent down in connection with the Battle of Tabuk, and its period of revelation is three years after the period of revelation of Surah AI-Fat-h.

The people slaughtered their animals, shaved their heads or cut their hair short and put off the pilgrim garb, but their hearts were still afflicted with grief.

But when Hulays went and saw that the whole caravan had put on the pilgrims garments, had brought sacrificial camels with festive collars round their necks, and had come for doing reverence to the House of Allah and not to fight, he returned to Makkah without having any dialogue with the Holy Prophet and told the Quraish chiefs plainly that those people had no other object but to pay a visit to the Ka’bah; if they knna them from it, the Ahabish would not join them in that, because they had not become their allies to support them if they violated the sacred customs and traditions.

Obviously, the Prophet’s dream could not be a mere dream and fiction for it is a kind of Divine inspiration as Allah Himself has confirmed in verse 27 below and said that He Himself had shown that dream to His Messenger.