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6 Jul THE GLOOM, BOOM & DOOM REPORT. ISSN . Source: USDA Long-term Projections, February 5 Feb Tired of Receiving Gloom, Boom and Doom Reports. a percentage point of the record low of % set in – before settling last at %. Marc Fabers the Gloom Boom Doom Report – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. As you can see Sprott and Ivanhoe clearly state they have certain values that they uphold rigorously. It bothers me greatly that the media has become this biased against people with a different view.

Gloom Boom Doom Report – The Contrary Investing Report

Their so called moral superiority will take them down. I think the corporate world is now run by compliance people. Marc Faber crosses the imaginary line of political correctness.

Political correctness would of course be strictly enforced in the Caliphate, that is an apodictic certainty. It bothers me greatly that I had to hear all the time I was at school and at University about enlightenment, freedom of speech and of expression and that the media nowadays did not find anything better to do than to label me as racist. Live Currency Cross Rates. Will the financial impact from losing income from those lost board seats impact you in a big way, or does it not really matter?

This was just after Islam had come under the intellectual sway of Salafist theologians, which is to say, the economic, scientific and military prowess of the Muslim world was at the time still close to its peak in relative terms.

From the perspective of economic progress and development clearly. We admire that he has refused to knuckle under and is sticking to his guns despite the backlash. Since I have only taken Cocaine three times and marijuana about ten times in seventy years, I did not think these were appropriate comments. Think about mainstream press reports gpoom president Trump for a moment — it is a good bet that reports on the hypothetical Caliph would look quite different.


No, I think most people actually agree with me and certainly defend freedom bkom expression even if it does no coincide with their views.

Marc Faber Boom Doom Gloom Report Excerpt – The Contrary Investing Report

Unfortunately, Western societies have become extremely hypocritical. Of course, for allowing no-holds-barred criticism of teport poor, powerful authority figures, their courtier intellectuals and in the case of politicians, the people voting for them, we have occasionally been accused of bigotry.

Numerous board members have expressed their regrets that I am leaving their board and actually invited me to stay at their homes. Road safety would be enhanced by a distinct lack of women drivers.

Have you had a significant amount of subscribers cancel their subscriptions to your newsletter as a result of the controversy?

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It is impossible to prove a negative, but it is definitely legitimate to doubt that anything remotely similar would have happened if African tribal chiefs had determined the fate of the US. By this time anyone reading this particular article on Acting Man will know about the controversy surrounding Marc Faber these last days, when a single paragraph of many from his October newsletter was published out of context.

Thinking about it, if we had made an off-hand remark along similar lines in an article, we would probably have phrased it differently, tying it more explicitly to culture rather than race. Nevertheless, the ideas and institutions characterizing the US over the coming centuries — the rule of law, respect for individual liberty and all the rights connected with it, such as freedom of expression, religious and political freedom, property rights, free markets and so forth, were already fully developed and implemented by them.

Perhaps one should ask his Thai wife if she thinks he hates her or considers her inferior.


Many detest the leftist bias of the mainstream media, but as far as we can tell, the opposition makes use of its own freedom of expression rather than the whip. No, we whites have been extremely cruel, but I sometime wonder if other ethnic groups would have been any better??

Is the world a better place after years of Western economic and political as well as military superiority? He has been involved with financial markets in various capacities for 39 years and currently writes economic and market analyses for independent research organizations and a European hedge fund consultancy as well as being the main author of the acting-man blog.

It is clearly debatable what of history should be remembered and serve as a useful lesson. The Euro is Looking Forward to the Weekend! Saying it is not so is not factual, but is wishful thinking.

I am not here to judge other people. I understand the context of what you wrote, but regardless people are interpreting it as racist as you are clearly stating the superiority of the whites in comparison to blacks. We imagine Arab forces would have made even shorter shrift of the native American population voom the Europeans eventually did which incidentally remains a big stain on the reputation of the latter and would bpom found it quite easy to expand across this vast new continent.

Faber mentioned Zimbabwe may have been seen as particularly stinging. Having almost five centuries of practice under their belt, they were well-versed in conquering large territories. The reasons are obviously debatable and race does not necessarily have anything to do with it, hence a different phrasing may have been better.