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Contaminated system not only reduce the thermal capacity of hydronic systems, but also increase the wear and tear on pumps and field components. BSRIA AG1/ therefore contains all of the recommendations provided in suitably qualified person with a proven track record in system flushing. A BSRIA Guide Pre-commission Cleaning of Pipework . include internal pipe diameters and revised flushing flow rates Figures 10, 11, 12, .

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Appropriate locations might include drains around main plant items, system extremities, areas of low water velocity such as terminal branchesor areas that may have been temporarily isolated. This will prevent any contaminated water from entering the coil during the flushing process.

Air vents should be provided as described in Section 2. Crombie Licensed copy from CIS: Central heating with zone valves. At this time it was recognised that there was a serious contamination risk when new pipework sections were connected to existing systems such as in shell and core situations.

Guide to Flushing and Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework

Prepare an outline system-specific method statement and programme for the cleaning procedure, outlining the main stages of the clean for approval by the designer and construction team. Corrosion inhibitor and biocide dosing.

The pre-commission cleaning of hot water heating and chilled water systems has become more important over recent years, due to the equipment used being more susceptible to blockages at strainers, control valves and small bore heat exchangers. If practical completion is more than 3 months after pre-commission cleaning the trend is established from linear regression of the logarithmic values of the last five system results.

If this is not possible then the implications and mitigation measures should be agreed with the cleaning specialist in advance of the work being carried out. Testing the water for the presence of iron and suspended solids, etc. Commonly used during the de-greasing stage of the clean.

Extension or modernisation of existing systems – before systems are modified or extended, it is essential to have the water quality in the existing system checked and any necessary remedial measures taken as recommended by a cleaning specialistbefore connecting to new plant or pipework.

Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems

Humidity Solutions is flushnig UK’s leading independent specialist in humidity control, with access to a vast range of industrial and commercial humidifiers and dehumidifiers from some of the world’s best manufacturers.


Internal surfaces should be free of millscale and appropriately treated to minimise on-going corrosion 3. The sequence of system monitoring from initial filling to practical completion is described in section 3. Significant water savings can be achieved by employing high flow side- stream or full bore filters during balanced and dynamic flushing to enable recirculation of flushing water and reduce discharges to drain. Inhibited acid cleaning Acid cleaning involves the circulation of citric acid or other organic acids at low concentration and can be used for the removal of unwanted oxides and deposited scales from pipe surfaces.

They are guidelines and are intended to Licensed copy from CIS: Some of Our Clients.

Before installation, the spool piece should be immersed in inhibitor and biocide chemicals overnight. Corrosion and biofouling coupons Although most aspects of the condition of fluxhing system are assessed from water samples, corrosion and biofouling coupons or small sections of easily replaceable pipework can be extremely useful in allowing direct assessment of the condition of the internal surfaces of the pipework system before and after pre-commission cleaning.

Ensure that individual terminal units remain isolated and bypassed. The cleaning or water treatment specialist responsible for monitoring the system should be informed of any works or incidents which may require remedial action to preserve water quality such as: When this flush is complete the by- pass to terminal 4 is opened and terminal 6 might be closed depending upon velocity achieved.

We provide an end to end solution from design, supply, installation and ongoing maintenance. We can help you improve Establishing an effective water management regime, incorporating regular your management practices reporting, will ascertain emerging trends by providing services such as: Residual levels of suspended solids should be low enough not to cause difficulties with commissioning or significant accumulation in low flow bsriia 5.

Chemical cleaning should be carried out immediately after the preceding dynamic flush. Editable Excel versions of the pro-formas in appendices C and D of this publication are attached to the pdf of this guide, and are available as a free download to fflushing purchasing a hard copy of the guide. Scale Scale is a build-up of solid material that normally occurs on the internal heat-exchanger surfaces in boilers or condensers.

Water System Cleaning

All automatic control valves should be open during circulation and the BMS should be set up to ensure that this continues throughout the life of the building.

If systems are properly checked before connection, disputes concerning the origin of water quality problems can be avoided. This includes keeping materials in clean condition and temporarily capping incomplete pipework and fittings. Complementary guidance to BS EN By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Allow us to assist you Only samples from the same system can be combined as means.


Chemical cleaning is not essential for all systems, though the majority will benefit from some form of chemical cleaning to supplement clean water flushing. Dead legs The system should be designed without dead legs. One or more additional sets of sample points may be specified Summary status Initials The condition of the system complies with the specification or agreed method statement The condition of the system is not fully compliant with the specification or agreed method statement but is acceptable subject to the comments below The condition of the system is not compliant with the specification or agreed method statement and is not acceptable for the reasons given in the comments box Comments: Note that underfloor heating and cooling systems using plastic pipe and their manifolds should be treated as terminal units and isolated during the initial system clean.

Transfer from the flushing drain to the drainage point should be via large bore, heavy duty, bsrla flexible pipes. The type of clean will depend on consideration of the following factors: Re-balance drain valve 1 until the drain rate again balances the mains flow rate into the flushing tank. These Licensed copy from CIS: A sequestrant may be a chelating or complexing agent.

Close isolating valve 2 and ensure all other valves in the primary circuit are open. In closed systems, the rate of corrosion of steel is minimised by the use of chemical corrosion inhibitors, lowering dissolved oxygen levels, raising the flushinng of the water and avoidance of stagnation. You can do this by pressure testing and filling the system to expel all air bseia the flushing process begins.

The full text of all UK legislation can be found at www. Thorough pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems continues to be important with the adoption of energy efficient controls strategies that may result in low flow rates. Many of the recommendations in this guide were considered unconventional at the time. Your engineering contractor or water treatment company will flusning this information before starting the on-line flushing process.