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Behar-ul-Anwar [Syed Muhammad Baqir Majlisi] Bihar Al Anwaar English Volume 5 · Bihar Al Anwaar English Volume 4 · Occultation From Holy Quran · Bihar. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “Teachers and students both share in rewards but other people are deprived of them.” Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 2, p. The Holy Prophet. Salam. The part of Biharul Anwar (that can be read for free online) is Volume 13 of the old edition which is supposed to be the same as the.

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And Allah will bring forth from his progeny the completion of twelve Mahdi guided leaders. One day that Qashani said to that man: You should not think that it was wrong.

At that time you shall be severely examined and you shall be differentiated and sieved. The Promised Mahdi 60 So to say: I heard Abu Abdullah Imam Sadiq a. What does Allah have to do with Aale Muhammad a.

We have mentioned this in the argumentation of Shaykh Tusi in which he has quoted the statements of Saad bin Abdullah.

His voice is audible but he could not be seen. I was emotionally moved by this.

Knowledge and Its Value

It is narrated from Hasan bin Ahmad from Ahmad bin Hilal from his mother from Ibne Ali from an unidentified person that he said: They will do showoff instead of gaining divine rewards. Posted June 3, Can Shia purchase the slaves of other Muslim? The Baidha desert will sink. Volumes engoish to 14 Kitab fi ahwal al-anbiya’ wa qisasihimabout the biographies of prophets a and their stories in 82 chapters. The Promised Mahdi 72 I also asked the Sayyid: Excellence of waiting for reappearance, merits of Shia during Occupation and the best deeds of that time 1- Al-Khisaal: Then may Allah curse his biharup and multiply His chastisement for the one who fights against him.


Seriously, i also need Bihar ul Anwar, because it contains very very interesting hadiths, enjoyable ones too. Yes, I am that same Yusuf.

Shia PDF Resources

Posted July 28, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. And it is recommended to better read this books in at least urdu, as the translator are playing with us according to their own believes. Thus their result is obvious. And the Almighty Allah changes the loneliness of our Qaim anwaar. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Certainly, for everything there is a time and a limit.

Whenever Shia faith was mentioned, he used to say: I was accorded hospitality and when I asked them of their faith they said: So that the one who is destroyed is destroyed after the proof has been exhausted for him and one who remains alive should also do so with proof.

And I adjure you in the name of Amirul Momineen a. Many people have narrated from Sayyid Amir Allam that anqar said: He told the scholar to go with the governor to the minister’s house the next day, and insist on going to the top terrace.


I was extremely elated at this and I set out for Hilla in the company of Sayyid Fakhruddin. You should also visit it and recite the Ziyarat of Imam Zamana a. Thus when the day all would be present before You, You should be a witness for me. Then I also told them about engish Shia faith.

He shall be mounted on a white ass.

Bihar al-anwar (book)

Jibraeel Amin explained the proper reading on the points where there was difference and Amirul Momineen a. Epistles issued by Imam Mahdi a.

O son of Allah’s Messenger, when viharul your Qaim appear? I asked the Sayyid questions on around ninety points of doubt which I The Promised Mahdi 69 later compiled into a book entitled: Some others will allege that he was born two years before the passing away of his father. If you know him, it does not harm you whether this matter comes soon or late.

Say it to them forcefully. I do not follow anything but that which is revealed engoish me. Hence when famine and deprivation increases and people begin to deny each other, you should expect the arrival of divine command day and night. World would be given precedence over the hereafter.