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Bachitar Natak is written by Guru Gobind Singh ji. It contains the life of Guru Gobind Singh ji. The very first part of Bachitar Natak is about the praises of. BACHITRA NATAK. Dr. Jodh Singh. Head, Encyclopedia of Sikhsim. Punjabi University, Patiala. BACHITRA NATAK (bachitra = marvellous, wondrous + natak . Bachittar Natak. Artist: Giani Bhai Mehtab Singh. Album: Das Granthi. Das Granthi. Audio Player. Download File. Your browser does not support the audio player.

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However, the literary piece entitled the Bachittar Natak that features in the Dasam Granth baxhittar purely an autobiographical piece which highlights incidents related to Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

It is a confident call to saints to put on arms in continuation bachittaar transformation of earlier Sikhism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This argument does not hold any ground when we evaluate it with some rationality. Can Sikhs really be from a religion whose father is Gandhi and mother is a cow?

Bachitar Natak – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

Scholars says that the autobiography terminates here abruptly. Gurbani Recitation with Translation. Head, Encyclopedia of Sikhsim. The chapters are numbered at the beginning, but the title of each chapter is given at the conclusion, following the traditional Indian convention. To see it as self sufficient is to distort reality and convert its goodness into evil.


Bachittar Natak

Bani da arth Te gyan jina maskin ji From a fresh new perspective – I want They are stone idol worshippers, I break idols and I worship one Lord. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Sikh literature Indian literature Dasam Granth. Org Yes, I enjoy this website and would like to support it! Apparently, owing to the hostility of the neighbouring hill. He hath succoured me. This genealogy starts from Oankar who created whole world makes all of us creation of Oankar. Sri Dasam Granth – I see it that Guru Gobind Singh accepted the charge humbly: The Bedi chief, in return, promised that the throne would be returned to the Sodhis during the Kali age.

It then gives a genealogy of Bedis and Sodhis starting from Lord Rama and his two sons. In order to inspire a fearful and cowardly society to deeds of glory and might it was necessary that the source of inspiration for them, bachittr power they upheld as the ideal should be all powerful.


Therefore, Guru Gobind Singh Ji also lost his ties with his family background and thus his ancestry had nothing significance in the life of Guru Gobind Singh not that it had any significance to begin with.

This text spans from page 94 to page of the pages of this holy book of the Sikhs at www. The next book in bachitfar Dasam Granth is Chandi Charitar.

This seems to be the reason why the poet provides his story with a. Gurmukhs on Sri Dasam Granth.

The first, under Dilawar’s son, turned back merely upon hearing the tumult of assault by the Guru’s forces. Through a variety of generally quick and sinuous metres, apt descriptions and a profusion of appropriate similes and metaphors, mention of the entire.

Bachitar Natak

Chandi di bazar – I want to read chan April 12th, No Comments. Both were married to princess of Punjab. Some references to his previous birth also exist.