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th Street: Short Stories and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. th Street: Short Stories Library Binding – February 1, by. In a starred review, PW called this collection of 10 stories set in Harlem, “a kind of literary Rear Window. Myers creates. 3 Sep In a kind of literary Rear Window, Myers (The Blues of Flats Brown, reviewed above) uses 10 short stories to create snapshots of a pulsing.

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To ask other readers questions strset th Streetplease sign up. He visited schools to speak to children, teachers, librarians, and parents. One of my favorite stories is a love story entitled Kitty and Mack. That is the reason why I think this book connects to the real world. Apr 03, Tyree rated it it was ok Shelves: Each of these stories have a different plot to them and take a different turn with each of them. Oct 24, Debbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Even though it may have different situ Reading th Street reveals a series of stories that refers to neighborhoods that are close as being a whole family.

Mother Fletcher invited them over for Christmas dinner, since her family was not really there for her. 145hh and Peaches wanted to help out. Jun 27, Stefany rated it liked it Shelves: About Walter Dean Myers. He helped a girl, Peaches, from getting cut by lady Tigros. Something funny happens … then streeh bad happens. Always do to others what you would want others to do for you. Some of the stories though I thought ended weirdly like the first one.


th Street: Short Stories by Walter Dean Myers |

Block Partyth Street Style: At first Old Man Turner, who ran the place, was a little put Out, but then he saw where live people having funerals would greatly increase his business and he said okay.

Lists with This Book. But the moral to the story was very understandable. Excerpted from th Street: Jan 13, Cindy Perez rated it liked it. It explains many themes. It sounded good when the guys in the barbershop were talking about it. Short Stories by Walter Dean Myers.

Yes i did it was actually inspiring and had good short stories. I liked most of the stories an thought that each one had a lot in it. JT got upset and went to his living area. Though slang is sprinkled throughout the book, it is neither distracting nor offensive and helps create believable and sympathetic characters in a 145tu brief amount of space, bringing the culture and concerns of a predominantly African-American community to rich life.

th street short stories by walter dean myers

This is a gritty collection of short stories centered around a block in Harlem and following many different people on the block. He shows up pratically naked. THey were going head to head for the winning position. Some stories in the book talked about how people wtories always make such great choices in life.

Teens, children, parents, old people all make appearances and come to life, as these stories are told, some in first and some in third person. He helped a girl, Stret, from getting cut by This short story was about two children and a dog and one older lady who experienced injustice.


This is one of the best, up there with Romeo and Juliet. He was brought up and went to public sories there. He wrote full time after Peaches sent Squeezie to get Joe for help. It was heartbreaking, heartwarming, eye opening, and raw.

In one story a girl can predict if a person can die. Street recommend this book to a reader who would enjoy reading short stories.

145TH STREET: Short Stories

These stories are about the differences on th Street in Harlem, NY. Mother Fletcher, a well-known lady on the block was very close friends with O’Brien,s police officer. But as you read you begin to come to know you are connecting with the real stuff of life and not the distracting details.

We meet Angela, who starts having prophetic dreams after her father is killed and Big Joe, who wants a bang-up funeral while he’s still around to enjoy it. Most people that Big Joe invited, said no i’m not going because you are not dead and that it is not right to act like your dead because thats making fun of the dead people, and hurting many peoples feelings like that because most of the people lost someone very important The book th street Shot Stories, is about a guy name Big Joe who wants to throw himself a funeral partie even though he is alive.